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Apr 10, 2014 · The construction of a second Blue Stream pipeline, complementing an existing one that runs under the Black Sea from Russia to central Turkey, could also come onto the agenda soon, sources close to the matter said. The Gazprom-owned Blue Stream that pumps gas to Turkey, after the launch of the Turkish Stream, almost immediately began to regularly underutilized for 'maintenance works', which most of all looks like Turkey's reluctance to receive the contracted gas volumes. Now the question 'Why was all this?' should sound to Putin more often.Oct 11, 2016 · Turkish Stream is a concern not so much for Europe as for Ukraine, who is afraid of losing part of the Russian gas transit to Europe. CEO of Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Kobolev said earlier that even one line of Turkish Stream would have negative consequences for the Ukrainian gas network. “The estimated capacity of the pipeline is 55bn c m ...

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Blue Ridge Great Health Divide ... for work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. They also said the new sanctions were redundant as they duplicate existing penalties that the Trump administration had ...6. EU’s Limited Sanctions 7. Putin’s . New Russia [Novorossiya] Speech a. ... a. Nord Stream route b. Yamal pipeline c. Blue Stream d. South Stream e. Turk Stream

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Mar 14, 2018 · South Stream (Russian: Южный Поток, Bulgarian: Южен поток, Serbian: Јужни ток/Južni tok, Slovene: Južni tok, Hungarian: Déli Áramlat, Italian: Flusso Meridionale) is an abandoned pipeline project to transport natural gas of the Russian Federation through the Black Sea to Bulgaria and through Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia further to Austria. Jul 26, 2017 · The EU document indicated the sanctions might jeapardise Eni's 50 percent stake in the Blue Stream pipeline from Russia to Turkey as well as the CPC pipeline, carrying Kazakh oil to the Black Sea ... The sanctions that Russia imposed on Turkey — food imports/exports, tourism restrictions, etc. — hurt both economies, but were not sufficiently serious to be significant. ... Russia could have canceled natural gas shipments to Turkey through the existing Blue Stream trans-Black Sea gas pipeline, but that never happened either.According to a source quoted by Intefax, Ankara wants a package deal including gas price discounts and an increase of the capacity of the existing offshore gas pipeline Blue Stream, linking Russia...

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Jan 23, 2021 · Also on Germany may tax American gas imports in response to US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 pipeline The two 1,224-kilometer offshore pipelines with a total annual capacity of 55 bcm run through the Baltic Sea to transport blue fuel from the vast gas reserves in Russia to Germany and the rest of Europe.